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Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Hyderabad, we offer champion ptfe solutions e ptfe universal rope, champion ptfe flex-o-seal universal joint gasket tape and champion ptfe solutions - e ptfe ultimate flange gasket.
Champion PTFE Solutions E PTFE Universal Rope

Champion PTFE Solutions E PTFE Universal Rope

Rs 1,400  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

PH Value0 - 14
PressureUp to 20Mpa
Velocity12 m/s
Diameter3.0mm to 19mm
TemperatureUp to 260 Degree C
Density1.5-1.7 g/cm3
Section TypeRound
Champion e PTFE Universal Rope Gasket is soft un-sintered 100% pure expanded PTFE having a very smooth surface finish and is characterized by very low co-efficient of friction. This makes it a very useful sealing material and is used as a rope gasket on flanged connections of pipe, fittings, tanks & vessels and such other mating surfaces. as well as a gland packing in valve stem applications. CHAMPION e PTFE Universal Rope is a specially formulated sealing material that withstands vibration over a wide operating temperature range. The friction free characteristics promotes smoother action and increases the life of the gasket many times over.

Application:It is used as gasket on flanged connections, pressure vessels and all other similar mating faces as well as packing for valves and similar gland applications.

Sizes Available:
  • 3.0mmx30mtr
  • 4.0mmx10mtr
  • 5.0mmx10mtr
  • 6.0mmx10mtr
  • 8.0mmx10mtr
  • 10.0mmx5mtr
  • 12.5mmx5mtr
  • 16.0mmx5mtr
  • 19.0mmx5mtr


Champion StyleSize (mm)Length (Mtr)
CUR-15301.5 mm30 mm
CUR-3303 mm30 mm
CUR-5105 mm10 mm
CUR-6106 mm10 mm
CUR-8108 mm10 mm
CUR-100510 mm05 mm
CUR-125512.5 mm05 mm
CUR-160516 mm05 mm
CUR-190519 mm05 mm

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Champion PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint Gasket Tape

Champion PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint Gasket Tape

Rs 1,650  / RollGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Roll

TemperatureUp to 260 Degree C
Chemical ResistancepH 0 to 14
Tensile StrengthGreater than 12 MPa
PressureLess than 20 MPa
Elongation at BreakLess than120%
Champion PTFE Flex-O-Seal is a unique sealing material manufactured from special grade of 100% expanded pure PTFE by transforming into a fibrous structure. ePTFE Flex-O-Seal has a special peel off adhesive on one side. Though very tough, our ePTFE Flex-O-Seal is soft and suited to all types of flanges, covers and narrow cavities. Due to its soft and flexible structure this rope gasket is an ideal seal under pressure, without significant cold flow even on irregular, badly damaged or corroded flange surfaces. Once bolted this gasket rarely needs to be re-torqued. CHAMPION ePTFE FLEX-O-SEAL is easy to install and is able to fill in severe surface irregularities. The flexible applications of this product allows reduction of inventory of ready made gaskets/envelopes, thereby the term Universal Joint Gasket.
Other Details:
  • Sealing surface must be clean, free from grease and dry to enable the gasket to stick properly.
  • The width of the joint gasket is to be determined by the nominal diameter or type of flange.
  • Selection of a tentative size of joint gasket would be approx, 1/3rd flange contact width inside the bolt hole; example: 7 mm gasket joint to suit a 20mm flange width.
  • Remove the protective foil from the adhesive joint gasket to allow for fitting.
  • Stick the gasket about 2mm away from the bolt hole and press lightly.
  • Do not butt the ends, instead overlap them in front of a bolt.
  • Tighten the lubricated bolts in opposite pairs. The lap joint deforms perfectly to give a reliable seal.
  • On irregular of damaged flanged surfaces, it is possible to build up with short length of ePTFE FLEX-O-SEAL.

ePTFE FLEX-O-SEAL is safely used in applications on oil rigs, petroleum refineries, offshore operations, corrosive chemical processing, food processing, paper mill, marine installation, in glass lined or fibre glass reinforced vessels and tank lid sealing, heat exchangers, manhole covers, vent pipes, pumps or compressors housing flanges, valves and many other industrial applications where the use of a conventional pre-cut gaskets is not suitable or readily available.

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Champion PTFE Solutions - e PTFE Ultimate Flange Gasket

Champion PTFE Solutions - e PTFE Ultimate Flange Gasket

Rs 15  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Thickness0.5mm,0.8mm,1mm,1.5mm,2 mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm & 6.5 mm
Compressive Strength14.7MPa & Max 20.0MPa
Length Tensile Strength17.0MPa
Cross Tensile Strength27.0MPa
TemperatureUp to 260 Degree C
Density0.80-0.95 g/cm3
Champion UFG (e PTFE Ultimate Flange Gasket) material is capable of a wide service range in applications found throughout process industries. The UFG multilayer manufacturing method provides reliable sealability due to the low stress and exceptional dimension stability characteristics the material possesses. This form of gasketing material is processed by expanding 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) into a highly fibrillated, bi-directional, soft, compressible gasket for longer life and trouble free sealing. Its form-in-place versatility is perfect for flange surfaces that are worn, warped or scored.
The distinct compressibility of the UFG gasket enables it to effectively fill flange imperfections for a tight, leak-free seal. Unlike conventional PTFE materials which are prone to cold flow, UFG has good creep resistance and bolt torque retention properties.
The Champion UFG material has excellent chemical resistance with a pH range of 0 to 14, making it suitable for most medium. The temperature service parameters range from -450°F (-268°C) to 500°F maxiumum/600°F spike (260°C/315°C) and pressure ranges from full vacuum to 3,000 psi (206 bar).
These exceptional values are achieved without the need of filler materials like silica, barium sulfate or hollow glass spheres.
The Champion UFG material is ideal for both high load metal flanged applications and low load applications such as glass-lined steel, glass and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) piping and vessels.

Other Details:
  • High adaptability, suitable for flanges with corrosion and with uneven sealing surface.
  • Ideal for use with more fragile piping systems.
  • Easy to install and remove, anti-sticking for effortless flange surface cleaning.
  • No embrittlement of the gasket in storage or in service.
  • FDA certified.
  • Impermeable.
  • Chemically inert.
  • High temperature and pressure.
  • Seals at low stress loads.

Available in 3 sizes:
  • 1500mm x 1500mm
  • S1 1500mm x 3000 mm
  • S2 and 1500mm x 4500mm

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